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Super Real Mahjong OVA

I got the OVA just to see what it was like, and to see if the vocal music was in it.

I’m not sure what I expected, but seeing Kasumi getting incredibly excited over Michael J. Fox on the back cover of Cock Sucker Magazine has surpassed all my expectations.

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getting a head cold when you wear a septum retainer

haha that life


'You need to read YOUR manga dude!' replied william shatner 

this is real and it is beautiful


'You need to read YOUR manga dude!' replied william shatner 

this is real and it is beautiful

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How we all look while trying to navigate adulthood


How we all look while trying to navigate adulthood

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Voices From Beyond
Some call it a spirit board. Some call it a talking board. It is used to commune with something from another place…

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stop saying “his or her”

use their

piss off prescriptivists
acknowledge nonbinary identities
make your sentences less clunky
advocate for common usage which is what leads to grammatical acceptance 


People who are anti-“they” hurt me right in my linguistics degree :( it’s already sad enough that it’s too useless to get me a job, why do you have to make it cry more?

(This is obviously in addition to the other more important reasons why being anti-“they” is shitty)

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dimittas said: Anita Sarkeesian (female) sent many death threats to herself. But she isnt a video gamer, so your point still might be a valid.





You are literally too stupid to insult.

Translation: I can’t disprove that so you’re stupid.

I can’t disprove that unicorns are real, but that doesn’t make them exist. I know I shouldn’t feed the trolls, but hell, I’ve got a bit of time to kill.

Gamergate is a hate movement that started with a jilted ex of a game dev accusing her of sleeping with a journalist for a good review, when said journalist never reviewed the game in question at all.

Anita Sarkeesian and Brianna Wu have been driven from their homes by death threats and harassment. #Gamergate as a whole has been revealed as a concentrated, concerted effort to harass Zoe Quinn by the aforementioned jilted ex.

And over what? Feminism in video game journalism? Less than half a percent of articles written about video games contain explicit references to sexism, misogyny, or feminism. Every major art form is analyzed in sociopolitical lights. Every major everything is analyzed that way. It’s what criticism is. Feminist criticism is an accepted academic method of analyzing media that has been in use since the late 1700s.

Even if it wasn’t, these people are essentially getting angry about discussions about women having more egalitarian portrayals in games. That’s literally it. Their biggest rallying cry is that men who play games are being shoved into the margins despite being gaming’s core target demographic. Except they fail to notice that adult women are the largest demographic in gaming, and even if they weren’t, it’s not oppressive to be asked to maybe not use women as sex objects in games. It’s not oppressive for some things not to be about men and their entertainment.

The threats made against Sarkeesian are credible, and the FBI agrees with me on that one. She isn’t the only one to receive credible death and rape threats recently (or in the past) and she won’t be the last.

I suspect you’re not the type who actually cares about facts, however. I suspect you’re one of the people who urge us to “look at both sides” of the issue, but honestly? When one side sends death, rape, and bomb threats, and the other wants women not to be treated as shitty by the gaming industry as they are, that’s not a debate I’m willing to have.

By the way, humanism is the belief that people have the ability to act ethically without the assistance of theism or supernatural belief. If you want a belief system that’s about ensuring men and women have equal rights and opportunities, that’s feminism.


Americana Dawn at Magfest 2015!


Hey everyone, I finally had an opportunity to go to MagFest this year. I’ll be bringing Americana Dawn with me, and will try to find a space for people to check out the demo in person. Catch me at the convention center (somewhere).

I’m really excited for this!